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Nick Gegen is dedicated to providing exceptional representation to persons throughout the state of Minnesota. The following represents some of the cases Mr. Gegen has handled and won.

Dakota County DWI

In a gross misdemeanor DWI case, the defendant asserted he was not driving the car but that his girlfriend was. The car had been driven down in a ditch and the police arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. The windshield had crack marks on the driver's side and the defendant himself had minor head injuries consistent with the crack marks. The girlfriend had no injuries. After aggressive cross-examination of the police by Attorney Gegen, the jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict.

Minnesota DWI attorney cases

Hennepin County Gross Misdemeanor DWI

The defendant was charged with a DWI while having a prior DWI within ten years making it a gross misdemeanor DWI. The matter proceeded to trial and Attorney Gegen argued that proof of the prior DWI had not been adequately established. At the close of the State's case, the judge granted a Dismissal of the case.

Scott County DWI

In Attorney Gegen's first jury trial of his career, he represented a man who was found intoxicated at the scene of a one-car accident in a ditch. The man later claimed his brother had been driving the vehicle but had left to get a tow truck. The man asserted he was confused when the police arrived and so unwittingly admitted to driving. Attorney Gegen aggressively cross-examined police officers on whether an accident, could in fact, cause a person to be confused and state the wrong facts. The jury agreed and voted Not Guilty.

Dakota County Gross Misdemeanor DWI

Attorney Gegen represented a man who was arrested on his 8th DWI. Mr. Gegen facilitated and convinced the man to enter in-patient treatment and found weaknesses in the prosecution's case. The judge sentenced him to sixty days in jail.

Washington County Felony DWI

Attorney Gegen represented a woman who was facing prison time for her fourth DWI in ten years. Attorney Gegen hired an expert who would testify that the urine sample taken from the defendant was tainted due to chain of custody problems. Attorney Gegen was able to negotiate a 45-day sentence.

Minnesota criminal defense attorney cases

Ramsey County Felony Auto Theft

The defendant was accused of stealing a car in the early morning hours on a particular date. The police had identified the defendant as the person that was driving the car and who they had chased. After the police had to admit mistakes under questioning by Attorney Gegen, the jury came back in just ten minutes with a Not Guilty verdict in what was probably the shortest jury deliberation in the history of the Ramsey County Court system in a criminal case.

Hennepin County 5th Degree Domestic Assault

The defendant was accused of striking his wife and causing a slight red mark on her face. The defendant and Mr. Gegen argued that the victim had initiated the physical struggle and that the defendant simply pushed his wife back in the face causing the mark. Thus, Attorney Gegen argued that his client was acting in self-defense. After an aggressive cross-examination by Mr. Gegen, the alleged victim finally admitted she had started the fight and had punched the defendant. As such, the jury found the defendant Not Guilty of all charges.

Rice County 2nd Degree Assault

The defendant was accused of assaulting a police officer with a club. Three police officers testified against the defendant and claimed he, in fact, swung a club at one of the officers. After Mr. Gegen developed and argued a very creative defense, the defendant was found Not Guilty of all the charges including felony assault, gross misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor assault.

Ramsey County 2nd Degree Murder

The defendant was accused of killing his friend with a handgun. The victim had been shot at very close range. The defendant and Attorney Gegen argued it was an accidental shooting. The prosecutor argued if the jury found that the defendant did not intentionally shoot his friend, then they could find that the defendant had acted recklessly with a firearm resulting in the death of the victim and was guilty of manslaughter. The prosecutor called the Ramsey County medical examiner to support her theory. After Mr. Gegen cross-examined him, the jury found that he was not credible and Acquitted the defendant of all charges.

Dakota County 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

The defendant was accused of forcibly engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman. The alleged victim and the defendant had been drinking on the night of the incident. The defendant asserted that the sex had been consensual. After a very strong and articulate closing argument by Mr. Gegen, the jury Acquitted the defendant of all charges. After the trial, Attorney Gegen was approached by the jury foreperson who wanted Mr. Gegen's business card because he said that if he ever knew anybody in trouble he wanted to refer them to Mr. Gegen.

Anoka County 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

In a case where the client was accused of molesting a boy, which were false allegations, Attorney Gegen handled the accuser with the necessary "kid gloves", obliterated other family members' testimony through vigorous cross examination and obtained a Not Guilty verdict. Before trial, Gegen had refused to plead the client guilty even though the sentence was to be a short stint in jail.

Hennepin County Aggravated Robbery

Defendant was accused of robbing a woman while threatening her with a knife. After a very aggressive and thorough investigation by Mr. Gegen and his staff, Mr. Gegen was able to convince the Hennepin County Attorney to Dismiss the case.

Anoka County 5th Degree Controlled Substance Violation

The defendant was pulled over for a minor traffic violation and was subsequently questioned and searched. The officers then asked the defendant if they could search the vehicle he was driving without advising the defendant of his right to refuse the search. Mr. Gegen filed a motion to dismiss the charges because of a lack of probable cause for the search and a failure of the police to obtain and "inform consent" to search the car. The motion was granted and the case was Dismissed.

Dakota County Driving After Revocation

Attorney Gegen represented a man who was spotted by a bailiff leaving the court house and driving away while his license was revoked. Attorney Gegen cross-examined the bailiff vigorously and the man was found Not Guilty.

Sherburne County Felony Theft

The defendant was charged with theft of a construction loader. Two of the witnesses, who testified against the defendant, were vigorously cross examined by Attorney Gegen. The defendant was found Not Guilty.